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Over the years I’ve come to notice this about the truly revolutionary leaders I’ve admired. To a person they are voracious readers and learners. They are constantly seeking new insights and revelations about a variety of subjects. Simply put they are life long learners. But remember this:
Intellectual growth is not simply the amassing of facts. Neither is Spiritual growth the gathering of biblical doctrines. Growth is learning to solve increasingly complex problems.
It’s common at dinner for us to ask our children, “what did you learn at school today?” The most common answer we receive is “nothing“. Which isn’t a reflexion on the quality of our school but rather a statement about how unaware we are of when and what we learn. Our awareness of intellectual growth only comes when we’re confronted with a problem that previously perplexed us and suddenly we have the insight or wisdom to deal with it. Nothing reveals this growth more clearly than tests. No one likes tests but:
Tests are essential for assessing growth.
So if you want to measure your intellectual and spiritual growth test yourself. What problems can you solve today that you couldn’t before? And remember never grow tired of learning to solve new problems, it’s the tests in life that often bring us the greatest satisfaction.
“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” Albert Einstein

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